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Present-day research and development is a core part of the modern business world. Major R4U's decisions are made based on research and development.

Research and development is of great importance in business as the level of competition, production processes and methods are rapidly increasing. It is of special importance in the field of marketing where companies watch competitors and customers closely in order to keep pace with modern trends and analyse the needs, demands and desires of their customers.

Unfortunately, research and development are very difficult to manage, since the defining feature of research is that the researchers do not know in advance exactly how to accomplish the desired result. As a result, higher R&D spending does not guarantee "more creativity, higher profit or a greater market share".

Research is also the most risky financing area because both the development of an invention and its successful realisation carries uncertainty factors including the profitability of the invention. One way of reducing the uncertainty of researching know-hows is to obtain already researched know-hows.

R4U has got practical knowledge on how to accomplish project, as opposed to “know-what” (facts), “know-why” (science), or “know-who” (communication). Know-how is often tacit knowledge, which means that it is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalising it. The opposite of tacit knowledge is explicit knowledge.

Leader The multi-skilled Engineer for special tasks at your disposal. call +48505644000 read more
Scope of work
  • Designer
  • Head of the project team
  • Site Manager
  • Consultant
Projects We have got many years of experience in road construction. call +48505644000 read more
Services Included
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • Traffic
  • Procedures
  • Consulting