• Transportation systems designing
    Transportation systems designing

    Design documentation of the transportation infrastructure (roads, intersections, junctions, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, acoustic barriers and other associated facilities) are the main scope of our activities.

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  • Road construction and paving
    Road construction and paving

    We have many years of experience in road construction. Qualified managers, employees with high professional experience and years of internship, modern construction equipment allows us to perform road services correctly.

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  • Road traffic engineering
    Road traffic engineering

    We have got the skills and competence in drafting the traffic management and implement them for life. Issues of traffic management and tools used in traffic engineering are not strange to us.

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  • Administrative procedures
    Administrative procedures

    All policies and procedures we handle on behalf of the Investor. Complete set of documents with full support allow you to deal with each case.

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  • Consulting

    We focus on the area of investment management in the formula of Project Management, Substitute Investor, Technical Supervisors and Investment Advice.

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Leader road4u.pl The multi-skilled Engineer for special tasks at your disposal. call +48505644000 read more
Scope of work
  • Designer
  • Head of the project team
  • Site Manager
  • Consultant


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Projects road4u.pl We have got many years of experience in road construction. call +48505644000 read more
Services Included
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • Traffic
  • Procedures
  • Consulting